Gazel 20 SP


Active ingredient: 200 g/kg ACETAMIPRID

GAZEL 20 SP is a systemic insecticide with contact and gastrointestinal action.  Effective against different pest development stages. Acts as a contact or gastrointestinal poison. Provides a long-lasting effect.

Category: Product ID: 1957

Product Description

Registered usage:

– against cotton aphid in cucumbers;

0,0125% – against green peach aphid in peppers;

0,02% – against greenhouse whitefly in tomatoes;

6 g/dca – against Colorado beetle;

10 g/dca – against grey corn weevil in corn and sunflower;

12,5 g/dca – against  corn bug, cereal leaf beetle, common cereal leaf beetle and black ground beetle in grains;

15 g/dca against green peach aphid and tobacco thrips in tobacco;

15 g/dca – against aphids, Hessian fly and Oscinella frit in grains;

15 g/dca – against срещу broad-shouldered leaf beetle, European pine sawfly;

g/dca – against cicada in pepper;

30 g/dca – against tobacco aphid in tobacco;

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