Deka EC


Active ingredient: 25 g/l DELTAMETHRIN

DEKA is an insecticide with contact and gastrointestinal action, with a wide specter of action against pests. It has a quick initial effect, and allows for long-lasting plant protection and safe usage.

Category: Product ID: 1959

Product Description

Field of application of the product:

  • In corn against the following pests:
    – Noctuidae – noctuids, thrips, at a dose of 30 ml/dca;
    – Ostrinia nubilalis – corn borer, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera – Western corn rootworm, aphids, mites at a dose of 50 ml/dca.
  • In wheat and barley against the following pests:
    – aphids (carriers of the Barley yellow dwarf virus), at a dose of 30 – 50 ml/dca.
  • In wheat against the following pests:
    – aphids, Noctuidae – noctuids, thrips, at a dose of 30 ml/dca;
    – mites, at a dose of 50 ml/dca.
  • In grapevines against the following pests:
    – vine moth at a dose of 40-60 ml/dca;
    – Pyralidae – snout moths, cicadas, Noctuidae – noctuids, aphids, Byctiscus betulae, at a dose of 40-60 ml/dca.
  • In apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums and cherries against the following pests:
    – Psilla spp. – pear psylla at a dose of 75 ml/dca.
    – aphids (Myzus spp., Hyalopterus spp., Brachycaudus persicae – black peach aphid) in a dose of 30-50 ml/dca.;
    – Quadraspidiotus perniciosus – San Jose scale at a dose of 50-75 ml/dca;
    – Cydia pomonella – codling moth at a dose of 30 ml/dca;
    – Grapholita funebrana – plum fruit moth, Anarsia spp. – peach twig borer at a dose of 50-70 ml/dca;
    – Tortricidae – leafroller moths (Capua spp., Cacoecia spp.), Microlepidoptera (in apples and pears), Anthonomus spp. – weevil, Melolontha melolontha – cockchaffer, Tenthredinidae – sawflies, thrips, Cecidomyiidae – gall midges, Ceratitis capitata – Mediterranean fruit fly, at a dose of 30-50 ml/dca.
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