Basamid Granulate

Active ingredient: 98% DAZOMED

Function: Besamid granulate is a chemical used for destroying soil dwelling nematodes, funguses , pest insects and other living organisms, weed and weed seeds on culture free soils, fertilized soils and compost.
When making contact with the soil moisture, the active compound – dazomet starts to decompose, separating the extremely toxic gases methyl isothiocyanate, formaldehyde, methylamine and hydrogen sulfide. The gases travel in all directions among the soil particles, killing plant and animal organisms found inside.

Category: Product ID: 2013

Product Description

Specter of action: Free living nematodes (Pratylenchus sp., Paratylenchus sp., Rotylenchus sp., Hoplolaimus sp.), cyst nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) and cyst nematodes from the genus Heterodera. Causes of felling and wilting, root rot and other diseases of the genera: Pythium, Phytophtora, Peronospora, Rhizoctonia, Verticillium, Fusarium, Phoma, Alternaria, Didymella and others. It also destroys monocot and dicot weeds, broomrape, click beetle (wire worms) and noctuid larvae, May beetles and other pests found in the soil.

Permitted usage: Basamid granulate is a fumigant for decontamination of crop-free soils and substrates, approved for use against:

  • Annual grain and broadleaf weeds in tobacco seedlings – 10-15 days before sowing the seedbeds, with incorporation, then covered in polyethylene. Dose – 10-20g/sq.m.
  • Root-knot nematodes in greenhouse tomatoes – 45-50 days before replanting – 50-70g/sq.m.
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