Terminator 4 SC


Active ingredient: 40 g/l NICOSULFURON

A selective systemic herbicide with leaf action against annual and perennial grain and certain corn broadleaf weeds.

Terminator 4 SC is a leaf herbicide that is quickly absorbed by the weed leafs and is transferred through the vascular tissue to the roots and rhizomes. The product inhibits the mitosis of the meristem tissue by blocking the aminoacid synthesis. Plants immediately stop their development. Over the course of 2-3 weeks they gradually become anthocyanin-colored and die.

Category: Product ID: 1932

Product Description

Spectrum of action:

TERMINATOR 4SK is highly effective against johnsongrass rhizomes, different types of foxtail, common barnyardgrass and hairy crabgrass, heather, grass, foxtail, wild oats, sour grasses. It is toxic for a number of broadleaf weeds such as pigweed, chickweed, shepherd’s-purse, Abutilon, wild radish, Rosopasat, mustard, buttercup, ragweed, black nightshade, chamomile and common sunflower.

Permitted usage in Bulgaria:

For control of annual grains, johnsongrass rhizomes and certain broadleaf weeds in corn (dose – 125ml/dca).

It is introduced in the phase between the 2nd to 8th corn leaf and up to 15-20cm height of the johnsongrass (2nd to 4th leaf). In the later development stages of corn it is possible to observe a decrease in the herbicide effect due to weed coverage.

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