Sumicidin 5 EC


Active ingredient: 50g/l ESFENVALERATE

Function: Sumcidin 5 EC is an insecticide with contact and gastric action with rapid initial effect and good after-effect. The active substance – esfenvalerate has better expressed gastrointestinal effect. Following exposure to the body of the insect, through the food, in contact or inhalation the product passes into the blood and through it reaches the nervous system. There it inhibits acetylcholinesterase and violates the exchange of ions and causes hyperactivity and death. The product also has repellent and antifeedant (appetite suppressant) action.

Category: Product ID: 2019

Product Description

Sumicidin 5 ЕCIs an insecticide with broad spectrum of action against leaf chewing and sucking insect pests in fruit, grain, vegetable, tobacco production and others.

Authorized use of the product: Sumicidin 5 EC in R. Bulgaria approved to combat:

Culture Pest Dosage/Conc. Quar. term
orchard codling moth, oriental fruit worm spotted tentiform leafminer, bud moth(Spilonota ocellana), Winter Moth(Operophtera brumata), marbled orchard tortrix(Hedya nubiferana),Peach Twig Borer(Anarsia lineatella), black plum sawfly, plum moth 0,02% 14
pear leaf flea 0,03% 14
pepper conserv. green peach aphid 0,02% 14
pepper open green peach aphid 20 ml/dca 14
Cucumber conserv. cotton aphid 0,02% 14
Chrysanthemum patch shines aphid 0,02% 14
Vineyards colorful grape moth 0,025% 14
Alfalfa for seed pea aphid, spotted aphid, moth larvae, alfalfa phyllophagous (adult), alfalfa weevil sheet (larvae), bud Galicia (adult), color Galicia (adult), poppy phyllophagous 20 ml/dca 14
 Pastures Meadow butterfly – caterpillars II and III stage 25 ml/dca 14
Meadow butterfly – caterpillars IV and V stage 30 ml/dca 14
Rape rape beetle(Meligethes aeneus) 20 – 30 ml/dca 35
Potatoes colorado beetle 15 ml/dca 14
Wheat wheat shieldbug, wheat leech 25 ml/dca 14
Sugar beet beet fleas 25 ml/dca 14
Cabbage cabbage moth, diamondback moth 25 ml/dca 14
Pea pea weevil 25 ml/dca 14
Sugar beet cabbage moth 40 ml/dca 14
Pastures Italian locust, Moroccan locust 40 ml/dca 14
Tobacco tobacco trips 50 ml/dca 14
green peach aphid 80 ml/dca 14

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