Rancona 15 ME


Active ingredient: 15 g/l IPCONAZOL

Function and specter of action: Rancona 15 ME is a systemic fungicide from the triasole group with a protective and curative action against the most significant grain diseases: loose smut and common bunt in wheat, loose smut in barley and stripe blight in barley. It is used for seed treatment.

Category: Product ID: 2011

Product Description

Permitted usage:  Rancona 15 ME has been approved in Bulgaria for seed decontamination before sowing for the following:

  • In wheat for Tilletia tritici and Ustilago tritici – at a dose of 100 ml per 100 kg of seeds
  • In barley for Ustilago nuda and Helminthosporium gramineum at a dose of 130 ml per 100 kg of seeds

Diluting with water can be necessary and depends on the decontamination technique. The company recommends using modern technology and expenditure up to 1 l/100 kg of seeds.

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