Glyphosate 360-S


Active ingredient: GLYPHOSATE 360 g/l

A total herbicide with a wide spectrum of action

It kills annual and perennial grain and broadleaf weeds – johnsongrass, bindweed, thistle, couch-grass, heather, birthwort, elder, nettle and others. It can be used in a large number of crops – vineyards, orchards and vegetable-free areas (stubble fields, canals, etc.).


Glyphosate destroys the foliage of all plants. Thus it shouldn't be sprayed on the green parts of grapevines, fruit trees and others!

Category: Product ID: 1937

Product Description

Permitted usage in Bulgaria:

  • Fruit trees and vineyards – 400 – 1200 ml / dca
  • Free areas, railways – 1200 ml / dca.

The maximum Glyphosate effect is achieved when:

When broadleaf weeds are in budding and flowering phases, grains – in ear development, and unwanted shrubs have gone through an increased growth stage. The weeds need to have enough foliage, to be fresh and in an active growth stage.

If there’s no rain 3-4 hours after spraying, there’s no wind and dew and the temperature isn’t higher than 25° С.

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